Arch Linux is one of my favorite GNU/Linux distributions. However, it is not as easy to install as are Ubuntu and openSUSE. There is no spoon feeding in Arch Linux, there is a steep learning curve and you must be prepared to fix things if they break. And, they do break. The fun part is that you will learn a lot about Linux distribution and in the process of using Arch Linux, you will almost become and expert in Linux. Getting started with Arch Linux is the first hurdle; you can’t enjoy Arch Linux if you can’t install it. The Arch Linux community has done an incredible job at documentation; in my opinion they have the best wiki and the best documentation in the desktop Linux world. The official wiki can be intimidating to a new user.

This is the v2 of my ‘rolling-release-tutorial’ of Arch Linux, which is meant to assist new users in getting started. As you consume this tutorial, I strongly recommend that you cross check every section on the official wiki so that you get familiar with it. Next time, you should use the official wiki.

This tutorial has been broken into several small pieces, so users can focus on one topic at a time without getting overwhelmed with one long page.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.